Extensive investment experience with a strong track record spanning multiple cycles.

Vertically integrated with deep operational capabilities.

Diversified investment strategies.

Senlac Becomes GreenBarn Investment Group

GreenBarn Investment Group (formerly Senlac Ridge Partners) is a vertically integrated, investment management firm targeting a broad range of commercial real estate equity and debt opportunities across the capital structure.

The company is changing its name to GreenBarn to lead the firm into the next phase of its evolution.  In Dec 2022, GreenBarn sold a stake in its management company to Rithm Capital Corp. (NYSE:RITM), a manager of assets and investments focused on real estate and financial services, and simultaneously formed a strategic partnership with Rithm to help facilitate the firm’s growth.

GreenBarn will continue to utilize their extensive network and experience investing in, managing and capitalizing complex and distressed opportunities in select U.S. urban and transit-oriented suburban markets.

Maximizing Value Through Diversified Investment Strategies

Greenbarn’s entrepreneurial approach, deep relationship network and extensive sourcing capabilities uniquely position the company to take advantage of value driven opportunities across market cycles.

Opportunistic Debt /
Hybrid Investments

Direct lending, mezzanine debt, preferred equity, distressed/gap financing and special situations

Co-GP / Platform

Programmatic and strategic partnerships with best-in-class developers and operators

Direct Equity

Investments in and the development of high-quality real estate across commercial and residential sectors in targeted markets